Friday, June 7, 2013

So have ya tested...

So have ya tested seems to be the question of the morning.

Why yes.
Yes indeedy do…
I have.

Negative as negative gets.
Start negative.

Its still early- this I know… I KNOW... but as per usual I feel like my hopes are starting to be dashed.

Of course I’m incredibly tired and emotionally drained-- without seeing negative this morning..

I could really use some good news. At this point I will take any good news.
Starting with.. but not limited too..

"Rob got a job"
_ _ <~~ Two pink lines (lol)
"You won the lottery"
"Your moving to the tropics!"
"You have the weekend off to lay on the beach- surprise!"

The list goes on and on you get the idea.

Maybe this weekend will reveal something good...

I suppose it goes without saying that right now I’m pretty down in the dumps... depressed and exhausting.

Next post Ill try to be more upbeat and positive..

No guarentees guys..


  1. Hugs, kasey. This is your safe space... Upbeat is not a requirement... We're here to support you! Feel what you need to feel. So

  2. Oh Kasey! I'm so sorry! I'm still holding out hope that it is just too early though. And please don't feel that you have to be upbeat, or filter what you say here, this is your space, to let out your feelings. Sending you hugs, hoping that you get some much needed good news soon!

  3. Kasey, I'm so sorry! But, I'm also still holding out hope that maybe it's early.

    Don't apologize for what you post here, this is your space to write about your feelings, you should be free to write whatever you want.

    I hope you have some time to relax a little this weekend, and I'm hoping for some much needed good news for your family soon!