Our Twin Peanuts

1st Ultra Sound- 2/19- 5w6d pregnant- two! sacs w/ two fetal poles. Both babies measuring ahead. Baby A @ 6w4d and Baby B @ 6w0d 

2nd Ultra Sound-3/3  7w4d pregnant- two beautiful heart beats. Baby A measuring 7w5d heart beat 163 and Baby B measuring 8w1d heart beat 160.

Released to my OB

1st OB Appt 3/12-  

Not the OB for us. Changed OB's

1st OB Appt at New OB & MFM Appt- 3/26

Baby A- HB 184 and Mommy thinks your a girl right now!

Baby B on the left HB 154 and Mommy thinks your a boy right now!


  1. Love them already!! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. Congrats! I have twins and I love them to death. Like someone mentioned I feel like they are my reward for what we went through to get pregnant. Wishing you all the best.