Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Ode to Father's Day..

Father's Day is a hard day for my family. 

Its in-particularly emotional, and thats with out Clomid. 

My Grandfather- our Family's Patriarch and the best man in the world- passed away a few years ago. With his passing my family fell apart so to speak. My Mom, Dad, Brother and I are all still in contact and close- but the rest of our family, that was held together by his glue, seemed to have crumbled with his death. 

It makes me emotional to think about Father's Day's of ole. 

BBQ's and family.. family that I barely speak to anymore. 

I did make it to see my Pop's and have a nice cup of coffee with him this morning. 

My Dad is so special to me. He drove me to and from countless sporting practices and games. He taught me how to be the very best me I could be. He was a patient Father who has nothing but kindness in his heart. I can honestly say that I do not ever remember my Father raising his voice at me. 

I think my Dad became a great Dad because he didn't have the chance to experience it himself. 

His Father was killed when my Dad was still young. He didn't get to experience all the years and time together. It was taken from him before it should have been.

I always think that the events in our history that are hard and that make us overcome and struggle a bit are leading to something more. 

For my Daddy it was losing his Father in a tragic event that shaped what kind of Father he would someday be.

Its in that thought process that I think of Rob today. 

I wish my body would stop failing us so that he could get to be a Father too. 

But I think that in my bodies failure to grant our wish immediately it is giving us the chance to appreciate our children a little more- and thats before they are even here. 

I think that this obstacle is making us stronger parents already because we are willing to do anything to be parents. Because its not coming easy to us and we are working harder for it. 

My wish is that this time next year Rob gets to be a part of Father's Day too. 

I know when he is given the chance that he is going to be simply amazing. 

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