Monday, June 24, 2013

IUI # 3

Rob and I just got doing what we do best- cooking together in the kitchen. We really are a great team and work together so very well. Our parents always compliment our ability to work together and not bicker.

This last month since Rob has lost his job has been extremely stressful. Some marriages would crumble under the stress and the pressure. I honestly can say our marriage is stronger and better. For the passed month I feel like Rob has appreciated me more, has a better understanding of all the mundane things I take care of, and I feel like we have overcome something to make us stronger as a couple.

It made me think of when we do get to have kids we really are going to be a great team.

We're going to work together and we going to raise kids that can cook in the kitchen, play in the field, and do whatever they set their mind too.

We're going to raise honest -faithful kids who understand what respect is.

When we get the chance- we're gonna do all those things and more.. when we get the chance.

Today was IUI #3 and I still feel terrible about it.

I ovulated 1 Follicle and Rob had a 40 million count post wash.

I saw Dr. V today who makes me feel very uneasy. I never feel like he has it all together. I feel like he doesn't read about his patients prior to meeting them and it made me more uneasy than I was before.

Two main conversations put me off - One he walked in with a waiver for me to sign making sure I understand what an IUI is- he stated "being this is your first IUI .."

Uh. Nope. Try 3rd. You probably should already know that dude.

Then afterwards as he's about to walk out without talking to me I brought up the Endometrin. I have three giant boxes and I know how suppositories work and all - but shouldn't the doctor be the one to explain them in a bit more detail? Like when to start them. What I can expect. When to stop. I research a lot on my own. I ask questions and I talk to my friends - I get it, but when I asked about the Endometrin his reply was "Oh you want to start them?"

Dude. Your office prescribed them to me.

I don't want to try anything. I want to have wild unprotected sex and get pregnant like the chicks on 16 and pregnant. Not have to shove anything in my va-jay-jay for any purpose other than pleasure.

Since that is not an option at this point bring on the suppositories, needles and whatever else you feel I need to make this work- but don't forget to read my chart next time you talk to me.

So we wait.

For the next two weeks I shove Endometrin up the va-jay-jay.

Next week 7 days post IUI I have blood work for my P4 check- which better be high - since the Endometrin is being introduced for that very purpose.

Then 7 days later I test and have a beta done. More than likely the added progesterone will hold off AF.

So here's to another 2 week wait.

As always prayers and well wishes warmly welcomed!


  1. Oh gosh - your doctor sounds like a nightmare - poor you. Your description of your relationship is so lovely, you and your husband will be a fantastic parenting team. Wishing you so much luck for the next two weeks.

  2. There are a ton of different doctors at our RE. This one is just flighty and definetly didn't read my chart which I hate. Wishing you the best as well!

  3. Hi Kasey,
    I've got my fingers crossed for this cycle to work! Thanks for letting me read all about your journey. It's so nice to have people going through the same things as me. I'm about to do my 5th IUI, next week. I'm taking Clomid now, and will also use Gonal F, and am pretty terrified of the side effects. Good luck to you!

  4. Best of luck to you Darla! Hope that 5th is the charm for you!