Thursday, July 25, 2013

Acupuncture, AcuGraph, and Regaining My Own Balance

I went to my second acupuncture appointment today and met with my acupuncture Dominic.

Today I had an AcuGraph done. Basically I took my shoes and socks off and I held a conduction device in one hand and my acupuncturist took another device, which was like a cotton swab on one end and was damp, and pressed it to different points all over my hands and feet. Each specific spot correlates to a specific spot in the body. Each time he touched the spots a noise was made on the machine and each noise frequency was given a number. Each spot correlates to an acupuncture point.

What the AcuGraph tool looks like

The Chinese beleive that your body is always supposed to be in balance. Imbalances can be caused by different things such as lifestyle, occupation,, environment, emotion, stress, genetic, metabolic, side effects of medication, and physical trauma.. etc. My AcuGraph showed that nothing in my body is in balance. Everything is either high or low or split with my right side or left side being high and/or vice versa. Prior to my AcuGraph I filled out a list of symptoms and marked off whatever applied to me on list. After the AcuGraph we compared the list with the results of the AcuGrap. I wish I had a copy of the actual AcuGraph results to share, but Dominic needs it to go over in detail to come up with a treatment plan.

What my results look like..and what they measure.. these are not my results though.. just stole them from online

Today we discussed the plan he wants to do the acupuncture in conjunction with my upcoming IUI with Injectables cycle. His plan for this cycle is to increase blood flow to my organs and decrease my stress. He even said he knows that everyone probably tells me to just not stress out and lord knows its easier said than done. He wants to help me with that. I want him to help me with that.

My experience in the waiting room was a lot less eventful. No vagina's out on display. However, there was a pregnant woman holding her pregnant belly asking people if they wanted to touch her baby. I cringed because a) I don't want to touch your baby since I have no clue who you are and b) I hate feeling uncomfortable and having no where to go. Luckily once again God graced me with a quick wait time which made it so I didn't have to either touch her belly or uncomfortably tell her I didn't want to touch her belly and/or have a nervous break down about her belly.

Actually I'm going to choose to take it as a good sign from above. The future if you will.

Anyway I go back next Wednesday for my first actually session. I really really really am looking forward to this. I will take all the awkward situations in the waiting room in all the land if that means I get to feel less stress and increase the odds of having a baby.

I plan on taking a break from medication if this next cycle doesn’t work. September, October and November I will take off from any medication and will continue with acupuncture. I will try the Chinese herbs and tea and the acupuncture and hopefully regain some balance. I also want to focus on my running and exercising and losing weight. I want to go into my next cycle with the best health and balance I can.

So I pray that this cycle works. But if not its break time. Time to refocus on me and my health so that I can go into this pregnancy with the best body and mind possible. I'm truly looking forward to this next cycle. I'm hopeful and ready to go. But I’m also already mentally prepared for the cycle to not work... and in that case at least I have a plan. At least I’m already mentally preparing...

Who knows maybe my body will surprise me- maybe even July will bring a miracle. If not bring on August..

I think I’m finally mentally ready for this and I really think Dominc the Acupuncturist/AKA therapist who
listens to me spill forth my life has really already helped me find some balance and help prepare me…


  1. Praying with you! I have never heard of that acugraph, I'll have to ask my acupuncturist if she does it too!

    1. It was very very interesting- they get an entire print out of all your systems and the highs and lows and inbalances.When I get the copy I will share it.. its even more interesting if you write down or fill out all your symptoms and then compare it with the AcuGraph. Praying for you too!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I can't believe that the pregnant women in your acupuncturist's office was asking people if they wanted to feel her belly. How WEIRD.

    My acupunturist never did an acugraph but it sounds really interesting!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      It for sure was weird. I'm so glad they pulled me back. Thank the heavens!

      The AcuGraph was so cool when I get the results ill post them all :)

  3. I have always wanted to try acupuncture. I am hoping that it gives you the balance that you are needing and leads to something great!

    1. Thanks Patti me too! Apparently it may help with weight loss too! Ill keep you posted for sure :)

  4. Why would a woman want strangers to touch her belly???

    1. I havent the slightest~ but I know for sure no one is touching my belly someday unless I know them lol.