Our TTC Journey So Far

March 2007- Rob and I meet, fall in love, and the rest is history!

May 2009- Rob proposes during a trip to Las Vegas

May 2010- We have our fairy tale wedding. It was beyond all of our hopes and dreams! I wouldn't change anything!

October 2010- We toss the BCP and I start Vitamin D, Prenatal Vitamins, and Calcium in anticipation of a baby in a few months.

November 2010- We go to the Dominican Republic. It's the perfect time in my cycle. After our trip I miss my period and pee on 600 sticks. I was convinced I was pregnant and called my doctor to request a blood test. I was referred to my ob/gyn and eventually I have a beta which shows I'm not pregnant. My hopes were very high and I envisioned this baby that I swore was there. It broke my heart to know that the beta was negative. Silly me... I had no idea what kind of journey we were beginning.

December & January 2010- Period still had not returned

February 2011- My period makes its painful return. My ob/gyn suggests I lose weight and he will see me in September. Admittedly I had put on some "happy" weight. 

March & April 2011- Add B6 and additional Vitamin D to my daily's. Cycle seems to normalize a bit. BFNs

May 2011- We celebrated our 1 year Anniversary in Walt Disney World. We decide to get serious about getting in shape together so we can have a baby. We both join weight watchers and I started running. 

June, July, & August 2011- BFN

September 2011- I am down about 30lbs and make my annual visit with my ob/gyn. I have a Pap smear and he says to just give it some more time. He is unconvinced that there is any issue and the weight loss will help us.

October 2011- My Pap Smear comes back with cancerous cells - I have a multitude of scrapes, tests and blood work over the next 11 months. My cycles are all over the place and the tests and scrapings are scary. I continue to lose weight hitting my 60lb goal in January of 2012 but no baby in sight. Many BFN's. We really begin to worry there is something more to this. 

September 2012- I am given the all clear that I do not have cervical cancer and my Pap Smear is good. My ob/gyn is still not concerned but since we both lost weight and we have tried for two years he writes me a script for the HSG and a SA for DH.

October 2012- My HSG reveals some of what the doctor preforming the test called scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes. It's cleared with pressure from the dye. DH's SA comes back with great numbers. We are told at this point that the months after having an HSG will lead to a pregnancy and go from there. We stark OPKs, Charting and temping and TI. 

October, November, December- BFNs

January 2013- I make an appointment with a local RE. Still charting, temping and peeing on sticks- BFN

February, March and April we have a ton of blood work done and I undergo a multitude of ultra sounds. DH is good. I come back with high Testosterone and DHEAS (both are considered male androgen) and low progesterone. My blood sugar is slightly elevated after the 1 hr glucose, I have a 3 hr glucose which is also slightly elevated. They think I do ovulate just not all the time. The plan is a Clomid cycle w/ IUI. Started on dexamethasone and metformin. Due to the male androgens being high, my issues with weight loss and gain, weird cycles and weird hair growth a diagnosis of possible PCOS is given. Continue to try all BFN with some really wonky cycles, but we are hopeful that we are getting answers at least.

April  2013- IUI 1-100 mg Clomid cycle days 3-7, Dexemethasone .25 every day, and Metformin daily.DH counts are 22 million post wash. BFN. Progesterone 7 days post IUI is 9.3

May  2013- IUI 2 -150mg Clomid cycle days 3-7, Dexemethasone .25 daily (Metformin is discontinue due to blood sugar side affects). DH counts are 46 mil post wash. BFN. Progesterone 7 days post IUI is 10.2

June  2013- IUI 3 -150 mg Clomid cycle days 3-7, Dexamethasone .25 daily, Endometrin 200 mg daily after ovulation. DH counts at 40 mil post wash.. Progesterone 7 days post IUI 31!Missed period- hope rises -Beta negative. All these BFN's are getting very old.

July 2012- Break cycle. Next Steps Appt scheduled.  Menopur, Dexamethasone, Endometrin and Ovidrel planned for August cycle.

July Fertility Acupuncture and Dexamethasone Vitamin D, Calcium, B6- BFN, 40 day cycle. BFN

August- IUI 4 -Menopur, Dexemethasone, Endometrin, Ovidrel, continue acupuncture

8/13- Right side 10 follicles under 10, Left side 7 follicles under 10. No cycts. Start w/ Menopur 75 IU and .25 Dexemethasone daily.

8/13,8/14, 8/15 75 IU Menopur and .25 Dex

8/16 Follicle Scan- Right ovary 11mm, 8mm and 8 mm -Left ovary has 10mm and 9mm, Lining is 5 mm
 8/16, 8/17, and 8/18 75 IU Menopur and .25 Dex
8/19 Blood work and Follicle Scan- Right ovary 12 and 9 mm, Left ovary 11mm
8/19, 8/20, 8/21- Menopur 150 IU and . 25 Dex
8/22 Blood work and Follicle Scan-Right ovary 16mm , Left ovary all under 10, Lining is a 7
8/22- Menopur 150 IU and .25 Dex
8/23 -Blood work and Follicle Scan- Right ovary 19mm, Lining 7mm, 08:30 am Ovidrell 250 trigger, acupuncture
8/24- IUI, 68 million post wash (WTG DH!), 1 follicle released from right ovary
8/26- Endometrin 200mg daily suppositories started

9/7 Stop Endometrin per RE, 9/8 AF starts

September- IUI 5- Menopur, Dexamethasone, Ovidrel, Endometrin, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

9/10- Follicle Scan- Right ovary 8 under 10mm and 1 14mm cyst, Left ovary 6 under 10mm . Start Menopur 150 IU, Continue Dexamethasone
9/10, 9/11,9/12- 150 IU Menopur, .25mg Dex daily
9/13- Follicle Scan-Right Ovary 1 12mm cyst (decreasing size is good!) and 3 follicles under 10mm, Left ovary 4 follicles  under 10mm. Lining 4. 
9/13, 9/14, 9/15- 150 IU Menopure, Dexamethason .25
9/16- Follicle Scan, 2 follicles under 10mm Right ovary, 1 follicle under 10mm left ovary, cyst 12 mm, lining 9mm 
9/16, 9/17, 9/18- 225 IU Menopur, .25 Dex
9/19- Follicle Scan- Right Ovary- 1 11mm cyst, 11 mm follicle, (2) 9mm follicles, Left Ovary 9 mm follicle, 8 mm lining
9/19, 9/20- 225 IU Menopur, .25 Dex
9/21- Follicle Scan- Right Ovary- 16mm, 13mm, 13mm, Left Ovary 13mm, 13mm and 12mm lining
9/21, 9/22- 300 IU Menopur, .25 Dex
9/23- Follicle Scan- Right 16mm, Left Ovary 19mm & 16mm, Lining 14mm!!
9/23-Ovidrel 250 trigger @ 9:30pm
9/25-IUI 930am, 81 million post wash
9/27 200 mg Endometrin Daily started
10/10- AF Started

October -IUI 6- Menopur, Dexamethasone, Ovidrel, Endometrin

10/11 -U/s and blood work- 7mm lining, Right ovary 10 follicles under 10, Left ovary 8 follicle under 10.
10/11, 10/12, 10/13- 225 Menopur IU daily and .25 Dex daily
10/14- Follicle Scan- Right Ovary 11, 9, 8. Left Ovary- nothing measurable. 4mm lining
10/14,10/15- 225 Menorpur IU and .25 Dex daily
10/16-Follicle Scan- Right ovary - 16mm, 13mm, 11mm and 11mm, Left ovary nothing over 10mm, 6mm lining. 
10/16,10/17- Menopur IU 225 and .25 dex 
10/18-Follicle Scan- Lining 6mm, Right ovary 21mm, 18mm, 14mm, and 13mm
Left Ovary- 18mm (Someone was hiding!!!) 
10/18 Ovidrel 250 trigger @ 08:30am
10/19 IUI @ 09:30am, 32 million post wash
10/21- Start 200 mg Endometrin Daily 
11/1- AF Starts, Endometrin stopped

11/6- Next Steps Appt, recommendation to start IVF

November 2013- Decided to start steps towards IVF 1. Blood work done for both of us. DH repeated SA. Paper work and consents signed. IVF 1 a go. Awaiting a new CD 1 for Saline Infusion Sonohysterography (SIS)

TTC Naturally- BFN 11/30 & 12/8

12/10- IVF 1-AF Starts (40 day cycle)/ Both started on prophylactic antibiotics (already on antibiotics for bout with strep throat)

12/12- Start Birth Control Pills

12/16- Saline Infusion Sonohysterography (SIS) & Trial Transfer 
SIS- all clear no polyps, fibroids or cysts in the uterus or on either ovary. Right ovary +13 small follicles, Left ovary behind uterus (which was tilted anterior making matter more difficult) no cysts noted, difficult to get a good count on follicles, multiple small follicles noted. 

Trial transfer- Incredibly difficult and took almost 45 minutes. Cervix deviated severely to the left. Finally able to get it mapped out. Praying that on our actual transfer day that my cervix comes down some so its no where as difficult.

12/26- Insurance Authorization for IVF 1 Obtained!

12/31- IVF APN meeting for medication education and IVF schedule

1/5/14- Last BCP

1/10/14- No cysts, 6 follicles under 10mm on the left and the right ovary, Lining 3 mm, Uterus anterior and left ovary still behind the uterus- but viewable
Menopur 150 IU, Gonal-F 225 IU, .25 Dexamethasone

1/11, 1/12, 1/13- Menopur 150 iu, Gonal-F 225 iu, .25 Dexamethasone 

1/14- Monitoring Appt- Right Ovary- 7 follicles under 10mm, Left Ovary- 5 follicles under 10mm. Unsure on the lining. Continue Menopur 150 IU and Gonal-F 225 IU w/ .25 Dexamethasone daily for 1/14 and 1/15. 

1/16- Monitoring Appt- Right Ovary- 7 follicles 10mm and under, Left Ovary -5 follicles 10mm and under (more may be hiding my ovary is behind my uterus), 8mm lining. Menopur increased to 225 IU, Gonal-F 225 IU, Ganirelix 250 mcg, and .25 Dexamethasone

1/18- Monitoring Appt- Right Ovary -7 follicles and Left Ovary- 5 follicles all right around 12mm. 9 mm lining. Menopur 225, Gonal-F 225 IU, Ganirelix 250 mcg, and .25 Dexamethasone 

1/20- Monitoring Appt- 12 follicles average size 18mm with some under 13mm and some right around 20mm. 12 mm lining. Menopur 225, Gonal-F 300 IU, Ganirelex 205 mcg, .25 Dexemethasone. Possible Thursday Retreival

1/21- Monitoring Appt- 12 follicles average size 20mm. 12 mm lining. Gonfal-F 450 IU, Ovidrel Trigger (two shots), at 10:30 pm. Z-pack started for 5 days, .25 Dexemethasone

1/23- Egg Retreival 11:30 am, 14 retrieved, given Percocet for pain and Zofran for nausea

1/24- 12 mature- 7 normal IVF, 5 ICSI, out of the 7 normal 5 fertilized, out of the 5 ICSI 4 fertilized for a total of 9 

1/25- 9 embryos continued to grow, divided normally, start Crinonine and Medrol pack, last of Zpack

1/26- 9 embryos continuing to grow and divide normally, Transfer date set 

1/27- No embryo update

1/28- Transfer 1 5AA and 1 3AA embryo

1/29- Start Estrace

1/30- Estrodil check // 4 Frosties in waiting <3 <3 <3 <3

2/3- 6dp5dt- Positive HPT, Wondof and Digital Clear Blue 

 2/6- 1 Beta- 310 @ 9dp5dt! We're Pregnant! 

2/10- 2nd Beta- 1,125 @ 13dp5dt

2/13- 3rd Beta- 3,300 @ 16dp5dt

2/17- 4th Beta- 18,000 @ 20dp5dt


  1. I cannot believe it! Your month of August has been identical (almost) to mine!!! I am starting menopur after failing to respond to gonal-f on the 22nd. Hopefully another scan next week will reveal an increase in my follicles. My scan on cd12 showed my follicles at starting cycle size. (I do have PCOS and it does take me a long time to ovulate on the off chance I actually DO ovulate!!!) Still hoping to not waste this cycle and do our first IUI next week or during Labor Day weekend. (I still giggle at the irony of becoming pregnant on labor day!) I really hope your month continues to pan out and good luck on the potential IUI this weekend! -Jen, Michigan, 33 years old.

    1. Praying they grow for you on the Menopur!! Cheers to getting pregnant on Labor Day :) Let me know how you make out- ill be thinking of you!!

  2. Hello Kasey, It is pretty incredible how similar our stories are. I would love to connect with you via email if you are comfortable with that. Our stories are so much alike. I have keep my fertility issues private (besides my husband, of course) for the past 10 months and have yet to find someone who can relate to me, so God directed me to reach out to you. Hope to hear back from you.

    1. You can definitely contact me! My email is stupidbrokeneggs@gmail.com feel free to email me any time!

  3. Hello Kasey,
    I love the pictures on your website...very professionally done!
    Forgive me for noticing, but the website appears to have a lot of "negative words and saying(tough-love humor?)" - just on the first page...such as:
    "Maintain my sanity"
    "I am dying"
    "Actual broken eggs"
    "Splattered chicken"
    "Frantic loon"
    "Husband will finally have me committed"

    Have you considered trying a different approach?
    I wish for you a happy, healthy, and loving baby X 1,000,000,000.
    Just Curious