Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snapshot Sunday~ Pat Summit Xo

A few weeks ago I taped ESPN's Nine for Nine- Pat Summit Xo. 

Last night I finally sat down and watched it. 

It was an hour long film featuring Pat Summit's career and life. Her son Tyler was a big part of the story. I find Pat Summit a huge inspiration and as I watched Women's Basketball while I was growing up I dreamed of playing for her. 

I would dribble up and down the court and dream of wearing that Orange and Blue. Being a Lady Vol. Having Pat Summit coach me.

Of course that never happened. I never made it to that level, but it didn't hurt to have those dreams. It never hurts to dream. 

Its funny all these years later I think Pat Summit just reached out and coached me. Maybe it wasn't on the level I wanted it to be, but she coached me.

Two lessons stuck out to me in this film. One was one of her former players Candace Glover saying one of the most important moments playing for Pat Summit was when she was benched. She missed curfew and despite being one of the best players Pat Summit benched her. This was one of the most important lessons for her- being benched.

She learned from it. She grew from it and she became a stronger player because of it. 

What a lesson. 

Sometimes during my journey I feel like Im sitting on the bench. All the time Im sitting here thinking I really want to be in the game. Im missing out on all these moments. 

But all this time on the bench is teaching me something. Maybe I can't grasp the bigger picture right now. Maybe I don't understand the lessons right in this moment, but much like Pat Summit's lesson there is a bigger force at work. At some point in time I am going to get off the bench and when I do things will be clearer. It will be a lesson on patience and I will have learned from it. 

I just need to remember that. 

So the other lesson that stuck out to me from the film was a quote from Pat Summit to her son Tyler- 

Tyler said- "My Mom would always tell me- Tyler left foot, right foot breath!" 

Its so easy to say- left foot. right foot. breath. 

Its easy to do too. 

I kept repeating it to myself yesterday-

Kasey- left foot, right foot, breath. 

Just keep moving forward. Keep on keeping on. 

So no matter whats going on. No matter what battle you are fighting you just have to keep moving forward. There really is no other option. Im not a quitter. Im never giving up. So I will keep on keeping on.

Keep on keeping on. 

And this time "on the bench" really does mean something. Its going to be worth it in the end. I can trust in that. 

And I can remember- 

Left foot. 

Right foot. 


Thanks Coach Summit! Thanks for lessons you are teaching others that may never have made it to the big stage. Maybe I never wore a Lady Vol uniform- but you have taught me none the less. 

Tenacity and moving forward.

Trust and faith.  


  1. I love it when you can learn life lessons in unexpected places. I was watching the ESPN documentary on Lolo (the olympic runner) y'day and was also super inspired by it. I love their specials!

    I like the left foot, right foot, breathe mantra too. Sometimes when we get so carried away with worry or exhaustion, little things like that are so powerful. Sometimes little things so simple like that are all we need to turn it around and remember how to slow it down and stay calm as we work through an obstacle.

    1. I loved the Lolo one too! Staying calm can be so hard sometimes but so important.

  2. Smart. These are good lessons in and out of sports!