Tuesday, August 13, 2013

4th times the charm?

I met with my RE this morning for blood work, ultra sound and instructions on my medications this cycle. Blood work came back great. I have no cysts (WOO-HOO!) and I have 10 small follicles under 10 on the right side and 7 small follicles under 10 on the left side. We are go for injectable cycle number 1 and IUI number 4. 

I met with the APN after my ultrasound and we went over how to take my Menopur and other medications this cycle. 

The current plan is starting tonight I will take 75IU intramuscular Menopur. Continue my Dexamethasone .25mg everyday. I will take 250mcg Ovidrel trigger shot and have an IUI. They also discussed possible back to back IUI's and after ovulation I will start with 200mg Endometrin Vaginal Inserts. 

I will continue my acupuncture throughout the cycle and my APN was happy with that. 

My first set up! 
Here is an instructional video on how to mix the Menopur if you are interested. It seems pretty easy. I will see how it goes tonight though. 

I return to the RE on Friday and actually have an appointment with a new doctor with the practice. All the nurses and the APN said he is young, energetic, and always has a positivity about him. Im all about positivity. They will do an ultrasound and blood work and see how my body is responding. At that time they will let me know if I need to increase the Menopur. 

The APN went over all the side affects again, but included today was a discussion on selective reduction. Selective Reduction is a deeply personal choice. One which I will not judge, but also one that I will not make. There is no way I could personally deal with choosing to abort one of my babies if it came down to it. I was very happy with how the APN reacted when I said it wasn't an option. She said she would place a note in my file and be sure everyone is aware that I have already made that choice. They will cancel any cycles I do not feel comfortable proceeding with and there will be zero pressure. 

Rob and I need to talk about at what exact point we will cancel a cycle. Will it be at 3 mature follicles what about 4? Its a hard choice to make, but I think our faith will help to guide us. Since we aren't there yet its easy to say anything over 3 will be a no go, but like my APN said to me today  -while they don't like to do IUI's with anything over 3 follicles there is a chance they will proceed forward with more follicles depending on maturity and even though they are not mature that doesn't mean they still won't impregnate. 

I'm going to go with whatever is meant to be will find its way regardless of how careful we are and what we plan on. Its all in Gods hands anyway so no need to worry about what ifs. 

My APN said she thinks the new doctor is going to talk to me about having a PCOS diagnosis. She really didn't go into much detail, but said that I have lots of cysts, off cycles, and lots of little follicles and she thinks they want to classify my as A-typical PCOS, but the doctor would have to talk to me about that. I guess a diagnosis is a good thing. I feel like that is what I have been treated for anyway at this point. 

In other news AF reappeared with a vengeance. I feel pretty crummy and it fits the weather here. Its been a day full of torrential down pours, high winds, flood warnings, and tornado warnings. Rob and I had no problems at our home other than minor bathroom flooding that we still haven't repaired from Super Storm Sandy and our roads were flooded in our development, however the house in the cul de sac next to us was struck by lightening. Thankfully everyone is okay and safe and the inside of their home was spared however they suffered damage on the exterior of their home and had a chimney collapse. 

We are going to visit our friends who had their twins tonight. I hope we get to see the babies and Im hoping I can keep my emotions in check, because AF also came with crazy hormones that have been racking havoc on me and my tear ducts. Another one of my friends is at the same hospital in labor right as we speak, so I hope she has that baby and is up for a visitor when we pop in. I am looking forward to a little baby dust from the new borns. 


  1. so glad your appt went well! It sure is all in God's hands, lifting you up, and praying for your visit tonight

    1. Thanks Caroline! Our visit was very nice tonight and I didn't cry or want to cry at all.

  2. I don't think I could do the selective reduction either, but it's hard to say. High multiples put everyone at risk so I can see why people make that choice. I will cross my fingers for a healthy single pregnancy for now! Four is my lucky number so I hope it brings you luck, too, and the fourth one IS the charm! Hope the drugs don't have too many side effects, and good luck seeing the new baby. Hope that goes okay.

    1. I think I would be okay with Twins but more than that is just beyond scary. No side effects really just pain /burning during the injection. Mixing isn't too hard either. Visiting the babies went very well.

  3. You sound so ready for this cycle! I hope that things continue to go well.

    It's good they discussed SR with you before the cycle and you were able to make your position known right off the top. Good plan.

    1. I think I'm Ina good place- much better than my last IUI and I sti know just because its a medication change doesn't mean success but at least it's a change.

      SR is such a tough subject to broach. I'm glad they brought it up prior to the cycle.

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I've added you to my blog list and will be following and routing for you!

    Sounds like some awesome follie development is happening. Wowza! Hope the menopur went well and didn't burn too badly. First time doing that stuff is kind of crazy. It's like the powder just disappears so fast...not so much fun going in though! ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully not too many follies :)

      It burnt really bad the first time, but I think the subsequent times have been easier because I knew more of what I was doing and expected it to burn.