Saturday, August 10, 2013

And then this lady left her 1month old in her car..

Yesterday this happened.

To summarize a women left her 1 month old baby strapped into the car seat in the back of her car when she went to shop at - BABIES R US. 

This happened in the town I work EMS in. I am very thankful I was not working because there is a chance no doubt in my mind if I was on this call I would have found this woman and gave her what for. 

I also would have had grave difficulty putting the baby down. The baby was in serious condition and transported with EMTs and Medics to the area hospital.

I am not nieve. I am sure accidents happen. She may have been sleep deprived and shut the door, walked into the store- FULL OF BABY ITEMS -and in that instant she should have went running like a lunatic back to her vehicle to get the baby. 

If it were not for a good citizen who was passing by and saw this was wrong and called 911 this could be a sadder story. The worst part is the mom did not come right out.. they had to wait awhile for mom to reappear and arrest her on child endangerment charges. 

Seriously. I would have lost my marbles on this woman. 

If I wasn't treating the baby and had the chance or I was a passerby of the situation I would have went running into the stores until I found her. 

When I found her in Babies R Us I would have asked her the name of the store she is in. Does she have a baby? Where is that baby right now? 

Oh ya. Locked in your car -literally cooking!! 

Do you know what I would give to have a baby? Do you know how many friends I have that would give the same to have a baby? To love a baby? 

Do you know how many people in this world struggle every single day with the inability to have a baby? 

And you just lock yours in a hot car? You didn't think as you were passing isles of baby items about where your baby was? 

I would probably have lost my job. I would probably have been crying. I would have been begging for them to let me care for this child. 

This is just proof that even though your uterus works just fine it doesn't mean you are fit to be a mom. 

And just because my uterus doesn't work it doesn't mean I am not fit to be a mom. 

I pray for this baby. I hope he/she grows up healthy and strong and loved and is never forgotten about in a car again. 

I pray for this woman. I hope that she realizes what a gift she has. I hope she never forgets another child in a car or anywhere for that matter. 

It really just baffles me. I know I am not a mother yet. I know that things will happen and I too will make mistakes- but I am positive that had I shut that door (which I really don't think I would ever be that sleep deprived to do) -but lets just play along- the second I walked into the BABY store to buy my BABY items I would have went running back to my vehicle. 

I would have held my child and cried. I would have been so scared of what could have been. 

I really am thankful I wasn't there. Even more thankful that passerby was and did the right thing and that patrol broke the window and got the baby out.. that medics and emts treated the baby and that I know that child is in good hands at our local hospital. 

I hope the publicity of this story in our area will help prevent someone else from doing the same thing. 

I hope something good comes from this. 


  1. Oh wow, that's insane. I felt bad leaving the cat in the car, in winter, while I ran to the ATM. How could you leave. Baby?!
    I hope everything works out and that the mother has a good hard look at her life choices.

  2. always so sad to hear those stories!

  3. So awful. Can't help but wonder: did this woman fully realize that her baby is a living human being, not a toy or accessory? Like you I hope she learns from this experience and never does anything like this to a child again. As an EMT I imagine you see some very disturbing things sometimes - it must take a lot of courage to do your job some days.

    1. Some days are much harder than others- especially when calls involve kids getting hurt because their parents didn't do something right. IE car seats not being used properly- those are tough days.

  4. That is so so awful. I hope the baby is okay and doesn't suffer anything permanent. I hope you're taking care of yourself. That sort of thing messes with your head.

    1. I'm actually in a really good place right now. This made me realize how much I want to be a good mom:)