Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The time a medication change made me lose my mind..

So you may remember I had different medications delivered than previously discussed with both the RE and the pharmacist.  

Previously they discussed Gonal-F and Menopur- which at the time I was a little concerned with because almost everything I researched about these two medications lead to IVF and I was having an IUI this cycle. 

So its not that these weren't the medications that were delivered that is my problem. My problem is that I am the one that is going to injecting, ingesting and inserting into MY body. I feel I deserve to know exactly what I am taking and have ample time to research and discuss any and all medications with my pharmacists, my friend Google, my Mom, and the watermelon sitting on my table. That is my right since as I said its MY body.

So when different medications were delivered I was peeved. 

I waited two days to call the RE because I am a big old emotional disaster zone under normal circumstances let alone when I am annoyed. 

They said they discussed the first protocol with the pharmacy and opted to try Menopur soley first. 

Which is fine with me, but, and I made them fully aware of these feelings, you need to tell me these things. 

I was just annoyed that they changed things without telling me and just had them delivered on my door step. To me thats a load of junk. 

Thankfully I have researched Menopur and I am fine with it- in fact after calming down and being a rational human being again- I am glad its not Menopur and Gonal-F. It makes more sense and gives me more options for down the line. 

I guess my first thought was just instant anger, because I like to be active in what is going on in my body. In my mind when you change something- then something must be wrong. 

So no that its all sorted out and I calm I am just awaiting the start of my cycle. Which previous months has been short and now its long. I've tested a bazillion times and I am BFN x bazillion. So I think that its just waiting to rear its ugly head whenever it damn well pleases. 


  1. Oh Kasey-I don't blame you one bit for being annoyed! Doctors are playing g-d with our bodies and we deserve to know what game they're playing. It is ridiculous to me that they did not inform you. This has happened to me before and it is unsettling at the least. Sending you happy and calm times!

    1. It's baffled me how the doctors office didn't call and the pharmacy didn't call to say there was a change in my order.

  2. I can understand this... I go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and can't even check the bag to make sure it's all there cause I really have no idea what's supposed to be in the bag. The only benefit is that i've been through this so many times now that I pretty much do know what should be in the bag. Also just a note for the menopur... I find that when I inject it, it burns. It's not too bad and doesn't last long but don't freak out if you have a burning sensation with that injection. Have fun!

    1. I was so annoyed that they didn't even think I may like to know what I'm going to be taking. Thanks for the information on the Menopur!

  3. It's ridiculous they didn't call you! It's so important to be your own health advocate. What if it had been a mistake and you just took the wrong meds?! Ugh. It's so irresponsible of them not to tell you.. But! I'm glad it's a course you're more comfortable with. Wishing you healthy eggs and good timing!!