Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Power of Positive Thoughts..

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday- they really made me feel much better about everything in a way the doctor was not able to.

I feel really good today. Im going to head to the local shops today with my best friend and walk around and enjoy the sun shine.

I am more than okay with 3 follicles and now I just want those 3 or even just 1 of the 3 to grow. The fact that my follicles only grew 1mm over 3 days is of concern but one of the nurses called me last night to say that Dr. V wanted me to up my Menopur to 150 IU for the next three nights to help with some growth. 

I was worried it was going to burn more with a higher concentration, but it wasn't bad at all. 

The hubby, the dog and I walked a 5k yesterday on the bike trail. Im not suppose to run right now so it was nice to get out there and walk. It was a beautiful evening and there was a nice breeze. I think we are going to try to make it something we do as a family more often. Fresh air always does the body good :)

I also had acupuncture yesterday. Dominic told me not to fret to and to just practice my deep breathing during my treatment. I had a lot more needles than I normally do especially in my abdomen and wrists. I also had the heat lamp over my abdomen. It was nice and I definitely felt more at ease once I left. 

I spent the afternoon with my Mom shopping and hanging out- I discussed us moving - which is becoming more and more of a possibility and she became very worried that we were leaving soon. 

If/when we move it won't be until the new year, but I could tell she was fretting the entire time we were together. Last night while we were laying in bed she text me and said -"If you move to Texas, we are following you guys" 

It melted my heart to think that my parents would follow us despite their entire lives being here. I don't know whats going to happen in our futures. I do know Rob needs work and he is just not finding it here. I would be delighted if my parents followed us. My Mom - while she can make me crazy at times- does mean the world to me. 

So that brings me to the real point of my post- my plan for the next few cycles was a break until December, but I have wonderful insurance coverage with my job here- and if we do move I can not guarantee that. I would also have to find a new practice and be comfortable with it. I don't know what I am going to do now, since the likelihood of us moving seems more and more real.

So many questions. So much to think about. 

All of which I have decided to promptly push to the back of my head. I need to focus on living in today. Right here, right now. 

We are in the middle of a great cycle. These follicles are going to grow and I won't have to fret about future cycles.

Ill cross the bridge if I must- but for the rest of this cycle Im going to really zone in on the power of positive thought. 

So todays positive thoughts are that these follicles are growing big and strong and are going to be ready for IUI sooner rather than later :) 

Thank you guys again for letting me spill forth my emotions without judgement. I don't know anywhere else you can let it all out and still feel cared for and find answers without fear of judgement. 

You bloggy ladies are such a great rock, support system and might I add answered questions that the doctor didn't seem to have answers too. <3 


  1. <3...keep up the positive vibes!!

  2. Positive thinking is the best thing you can do right now. The follies are growing and giving them a peaceful environment is a bonus! You're in good hands with your doctor and your acupuncturist, so I hope you keep this good attitude all the way trough! Glad the ladies helped. I can't take credit, but I'm still glad :)

    1. You can totally take credit just knowing there is someone out there to talk me off the proverbial hormonal induced ledge is important!

  3. Glad you're feeling better today. What a blessing to still have your mom around and be so willing to follow you to TX if you decide to move. TX is pretty awesome...just sayin. ;)

    1. Thanks Emily my mom is pretty awesome. It's looking very likely we will be moving to Houston next year:)

  4. So glad you are having a better day and have renewed your mind to think good thoughts :) TX is the best ;)

    1. I love all the Texas love it really helps put my mind at ease about the move:)