Friday, August 2, 2013

My AcuGraph Results

All about my AcuGraph-

The AcuGraph shows each individuals relative energetic balance in each of the acupuncture meridians and the relationship between the meridians.

The results don't show disease, but more so imbalances of energy. The practitioner's goals are to correct the imbalances; thus correcting any symptoms or problems you already have.

Each acupuncture meridian is tested for energy. The result of this is a frequency which gets measured on a scale. I'm not completely sure the top end of the scale, but on the graph I was given the highest number is 200 and the lowest is zero. My results were all over the place ranging from 12 to 138. Under 52 is considered low energy, over 63 is considered high energy.

My pie graph of all my meridians..
There is so much information on this hand out- if I were to type is all I would be here all day.
Basically- there are different meridians measure to be associated with different body regions.

Each region and my actual results..
-Lung- mine is considered high and what sticks out most to me on the list of excessive energy in the lung meridian is allergies and emotional issues with worry and grief.

-Small Intestine- mine is considered split (one side high and one side low) and what sticks out the most to me for split energy in this meridian is disturbances in the digestive system and urinary system.

-Large Intestine- mine is considered low. What sticks out the most to me with deficient energy in this meridian can be associated to digestive issues, problems with the teeth, congestion and coughing issues, issues with the neck, and emotional issues with letting go of the past.

-Spleen- which is high. Excessive energy in the meridian that sticks out most to me is menstrual disorders, digestive and urinary issues, and feelings of worry.

-Liver- which is considered low. Deficient energy in this meridian can be associated with menstrual disorders or issues, dry or blurry eyes, and emotional issues with frustration, tension and depression.

-Kidney - which is considered low. Deficient energy in this meridian can be associated with issues with reproduction, hormonal imbalances, conception, pregnancy, and menopause. Emotional issues with depression and issues with will power are also associated.

-Bladder- which is considered high. Excessive energy in this meridian can be associated with back pain, urinary issues, and emotional issues with holding grudges.

-Gallbladder- which is considered low. Deficient energy can be associated with issues with the eyes, neck, and emotional issues of stubbornness and lack of courage.

-Stomach- which is considered low. Deficient energy can be associated with gastrointestinal issues, issues with the teeth and emotional issues of anxiety.

-Pericardium- which is considered split. Split energy can be associated with digestive issues and emotional feelings of depression, anxiety and restlessness.

-Heart- which is considered split. Split energy can be associated with speech impairments and disorders of the throat as well as emotional issues with lack of joy and heartache.

-Triple Energizer is the only meridian which was considered in a normal range.
Like I said there was a TON of information that I didn't include because it didn't stand out to me. The most glaring was the kidney being low and its relationship with pregnancy.

Its all very interesting to me and I hope that putting these different meridians back in balance helps.

All I know is it can'
t hurt.


  1. Wow, Kasey! This is amazing! So much info. Good luck!

    1. I find it kind of awesome for sure and this is only a quarter of the information that was passed on to me!

  2. I think this is so cool that you go this done!

    1. It was quick and painless- and so interesting. Did you find out if your acupuncturist does it?

  3. Wow, that is a lot of info! They definitely are being thorough. It will be interesting to see how it comes together in your treatment! I had my first acupuncture appointment and will leave a note about it if I have time in this busy day. Take care.

  4. Dr D said that when I get pregnant hes going to rerun the test to see whats changed. It will really be interesting to see if the ones that affect pregnancy change and are in balance prior to conceiving and once conception occurs. Cant wait to read about your appt!

  5. That is definitely some in-depth analysis! I have no idea what it means but I hope it helps them treat everything!!

    1. Its definetly in-depth for sure- and beleive me there is plenty more information here too about locations on your spine that can corelate with the imbalances.. its crazy how much he could tell.