Friday, May 17, 2013

Some awesome things about me.. (other than my broken lady bits)

So every single night I attempt to focus on the good in the day. I start a "3 Good Things" thread on my Weight Watcher's Board and choose the 3 best things that I can find in the day and put them out there.
I'm not going to lie -- some days its definitely more difficult to find something good in my day-- but no matter how miniscule something good is always there.
Always. Always. Always.
So today instead of focusing on my broken lady bits I would like to focus on the good stuff I got going for me.
So today in honor of my daily "3 Good Things" here are 3 things about me that I think rock :)
My Love- I am a passionate, intense, fierce lover. Chances are if I love you no matter you do to me I will find it in my heart to still love you. That being said I can't say I love a ton of people. Honestly most people bother me and annoy me. I’m socially awkward and it makes relationships a bit difficult for me- however the ones I have are pretty damn special. The love Rob and I share is beyond special. He gets me. I can’t put into words what its like for someone to just "get" you. He leaves me alone when I need to be left alone, he wraps his arms around me when I need arms wrapped around me and he loves me back unconditionally the way no one in this world ever has -- other than my parents. We have been through ups and downs and infertility (its a class all of its own!) and the man still manages to give me butterflies. I still get excited when we have nights off together and I still enjoy every moment we spend living this life. I don't take a second of it for granted. I also have some of the most amazing friends who wrap their arms around me and I in turn wrap my arms around them. I have so many rocks that I can call mine. I also have an amazing family. My parents have taught me to be independent and a hard worker. They taught me that you don't just get something for nothing- it requires effort. My mom taught me that a woman can do anything if she sets her mind to it. I have watched my mother move mountains to make things happen. She inspires me to do the same. All and all I am truly a lucky woman. I don't feel damned because my ladies pieces aren't exactly cooperating at this very moment- I just can't wait to share all this love once we are blessed with a life of our own.
My Ability to Multitask- I know what your thinking- sooo random- right? But its true. I am a dispatcher by trade. I spend all day long holding 3,4,5 simultaneous conversations. For some this is the stuff their nightmares are made of but the fact is I thrive on this craziness. Its something I love- the busier - the better. There is a sort of high you get when so much is going on and you can keep a handle on it. When shits hitting the proverbial fan and I can hold it all together, remain calm, and get things done. I take pride in it. I enjoy it. I’m truly very good at it and proud of what I can accomplish.
My Past- So most people write off their past. They stick in a drawer- push it to the back- and don't dare to open it up for fear of ripping open old wounds. Not me. I’m very proud of where I am now- compared to where I was then. Its no secret that I didn't exactly walk the straight and narrow as a teenager and young women. Lots of women dealing with IF often think "was it something I did in my past that places me where I am today". I truly don't believe that. If it wasn't for my past- the exact steps I took on the days I took them. The exact messes I made and mistakes and defining moments are what put me here today- and while I don't want to be dealing with IF and I don't revel in not being a mommy yet-- I truly believe there is a reason greater than I can understand right now-- that it just hasn’t happened for us yet. I’m proud of my mistakes because I recovered from them. I’m proud of the stupid things I did because I did them then and I am not living in them now. I’m proud of what I have overcome. I’m proud of me- who I am today and even prouder of who I will be tomorrow.
So there ya go. Three good amazing things about yours truly.
If I can leave you with a bit of advice today it would be to focus on the good things. If your a Weight Watchers Member feel free to join us on the 50+ board every night where you can find some pretty amazing ladies focusing on their 3 Good Things as well.

If we always let the bad get us then we won't enjoy this journey. We only get one chance my friends and I refuse to let one any struggle define my one chance and take away and strip me of all my amazing. Don't let it strip you too.


  1. There are MILLIONS of great things about you, so I can't imagine why you have a hard time thinking of 3.

    I will give you a few...

    ... you are a wonderful friend and you helped me immensely through my TTC/IF journey.
    ... you can always make me laugh, especially when we recall vacation memories and dumb shit that other people do.
    ... I know that you will be a great "auntie" to my 2 little fatties.
    ... garlic bread dance.

  2. Den- I seriously love you thank you for this<3

    ((Garlic bread dance)) and I can't wait to take all our kiddos to Disney together!! Xoxo

  3. "What are you guys doing over there?" "The garlic bread dance." "You two should not be left on your own." LOL