Monday, May 27, 2013

IUI # 2

So after much stress and schedule changes to get there we had IUI # 2 today.

I went to a different office and saw a different doctor- (and now we pray for a different outcome as well) who off the bat made me feel so good about this cycle. He greeted me by shaking my hand and said- "I feel lucky don't you here's some luck"

A lot of this process is about luck. Getting the good eggs. Getting good counts. Getting good lining. Luckily finding coverage to get there.

I asked for an ultrasound prior to IUI to determine if I actually ovulated. He said while they don't normally do this at this practice it can't hurt anything and he obliged. I definitely ovulated the two larger follicles and there is a possibility that I ovulated a smaller follicle as well. I felt much better knowing I definitely ovulated. Rob's counts were almost double our last IUI at 46 million post wash.

The IUI itself was very painful compared to the last IUI. Dr P said it could be due to the Clomid and how it messes with the cervical mucus. The pain was gone after the procedure was done and I feel fine now. We talked about what happens if there is a next cycle. We will try one more Clomid cycle since I did respond well to it this cycle. They probably will not go up to 200mg with it however it will depend on my 7 days post IUI blood work to determine the definite next treatment plan. We also discussed the possibility of progesterone supplementation. Dr P told me we will wait to see what my progesterone is at 7 days post IUI. If it is low we will proceed with progesterone supplementation. He said that he has seen people with progesterone as low as mine was last cycle and still conceive.

All in all everything is aligned for a good cycle.

All in all I really think this is the cycle. I know I have felt that before-- but this time I feel like maybe something is different<3

Now we wait :) --I am soooo sick of waiting FYI

Prayers and well wishes- baby dances- always always welcome<3


  1. sorry it was painful, but glad you're feeling better now! I really hope this is your cycle :) Hopefully the TWW goes fast for you!

    Oh, I tried searching again for you on facebook and I must be doing something wrong because I still can't find you :(
    I live in Arlington, MN, if that helps you sort through the multiple Kristine frost's!

  2. You got it lady! Sending you all of the above! :D

  3. I'm just saying that my most painful IUI (out of 4) was my BFP cycle... :)

  4. Sounds promising! I hope this is IT! xoxo

  5. Thank you guys I really hope so too:)