Thursday, May 23, 2013

Snapped- why dispatchers on Clomid are dangerous beings..

Its hard for me to figure out how much is medication, how much is normal me, and how much is stress- but this cycle's mood swings have been pretty rough.

Im pretty sure that I should come with a disclaimer taped to my forehead-

"Hormonal Rage Ahead" 

I was working the other day and someone called 911 screaming and cursing at me because I asked what they need the ambulance for.

Normal Kasey can calmly defuse the caller-

Hormonal basket-case Kasey reprised a starring role in "Snapped- dispatcher on Clomid loses her shit"

I just could not, would not, deal with this guy cursing at me.  I screamed right back at him to stop cursing at me. I dispatched his ambulance and then - I cried. Like weeped.

I know that I shouldn't have yelled at him- but for the record he had it coming.

I was crying so hard I was sobbing and my poor male partner stared at me with the "WTF" glow in his eyes.

I sobbed that I was going to be on an expose on 60 Minutes and Barbara Walters was going to be talking about how I am a terrible person cause I snapped on a 911 caller.

Then I started sobbing because I was sobbing. Crying because "I don't know why Im crying".

No joke.

I then went outside to calm down and at that point I started cracking up. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Hysterically laugh at myself.

My poor partner was staring at me when I walked in with hysterical bouts of laughing.

He was a trooper- though Im sure he went home to his wife and hugged her extra hard. Then they probably held hands and prayed for my poor husband lol.

Luckily he has been spared my insanity so far- thats because we are basically working opposite schedules right now.

Good planning on his part.

Tomorrow morning is my follicle scan. I hope that there is good news and these crazy mood swings start to dissipate.

If not be sure to catch me on my "Snapped" or "60 Minutes" episodes.

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  1. I bet you have some nice big follicles tomorrow!