Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On how I wound up here.

My husband Rob and I have been actively trying to create a little human life for some time now. Here is where we are in our journey. I know that our journey is a baby in and of its self at this point- however it is our journey and its emotional, and frustrating and often times causes some crazy lady behavior on my behalf. I have a lot of extra thoughts, and feelings and emotions and I need somewhere to spew them forth. If your here for support I am so thankful for you. If not and your here to cast judgement or tell me to RELAX please move along.

Oct 2010 off BCP, started Prenatals and Calcium w/ D. Decided we were ready to be parents and expected for it to just "happen".

Sept 2011 saw my OB/GYN and explained I was a little frustrated that I wasn't PG yet. Doctor advised that I was doing wonderful in my weight loss journey, but to give it some more time. He was convinced that the weight loss would help. So I lost 60lbs and Rob lost weight as well. We got healthy, changed our diet and became super active. My PAP smear comes back with some precancerous cells. Multiple months of going back and forth and having scrapings.

Sept 2012 next yearly appt with my OB/GYN- absolutely frustrated that we still haven't spawned offspring.
All clear given from precancerous cell scare.

Nov 2012 HSG reveals some scar tissue in my fallopian tubes that was cleared when the dye passed. Everything else seems normal. Rob has is SA and all appears normal. My OB/GYN is still not concerned and feels we should conceive on our own. We decide to try a fertility doctor for his point of view.

Jan 2013 Meet with the RE and start the process of testing. Initial blood work reveals I have low progesterone, high testosterone and high DHEAS.

Feb 2013 RE evaluates normal cycle. Short luteal phase noted. Ultra sound shows good lining and good ovarian reserve.

March 2013 start .25 Dexamethasone and plan on a Clomid cycle w/ IUI planned for April

April 2013 Clomid 100mg Cycle day 3-7 (night flashes increased and awful, but other than being hormonal this is the only side effect that truly bothers me)

Cycle day 12 Right ovary shows 14mm and 9mm follicles and left side shows 11mm follice. Lining is at a 7. Overall not mature enough for IUI so we are told to wait the weekend.

Cycle day 16 right side shows 22mm and 17mm follicles with a 10 mm lining. Plan on triggering at 930 pm, however doctor calls to say I seem to be surging on my own and to trigger immedietly and plan to come in the next morning. Trigger shot HCG at 430 pm.

Cycle day 17 IUI at 1030 am, 22 million post wash

7 days post IUI I am testing negative on HPT, no more trigger left in my system. Feel excited about this cycle! Progesterone 9.3 which is awfully low for a medicated cycle. Plan on upping to 150mg Clomid if there is a next cycle with talk of progesterone supplements.

Test again on 11 and 12 days post IUI BFN. Know AF is coming. 12 days post IUI AF starts.

May 2013- Cycle days 3-7 150mg Clomid, .25mg Dexamethasone daily

Cycle Day 12 follicle scan- 20mm, 17 mm, 14mm and 12mm right ovary and 7mm lining. Nothing on the left. Trigger shot planned for CD 13 with an IUI on Memorial Day Monday<3

Cycle Day 15 IUI @ 10am, 46 million post wash

Cycle Day 22- 7 days post IUI- Progesterone 10.2, negative HPT

Cycle Day 29, 14 days post IUI AF starts.

June 2012- Cycle Days 4-8 150 mg Clomid. .25 mg Dexamethasone daily

Cycle Day 12 follicle scan-  17mm & 16mm left ovary, 12mm right ovary, 7 mm lining. Trigger shot planned CD 13 w/ IUI on CD 15.

Cycle Day 15-Only 1 follicle ovulated on the left side, 40 mil post wash

Cycle Day 22- 7 days post IUI, did not take my normal 7 day HPT, Progesterone 31! 7days post IUI. Beta - negative/ failed IUI.

Next Steps Appt- July 2013

August treatment plan to include injectibles.

July 2013- break from medications. Acupuncture cycle.