Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope, Faith, and Love

Not too much going on in our world today. The next two weeks are going to feel like forever.
I talked to my Mom today and told her about yesterday's IUI. I’m very close with her and she is aware of our struggles. There are times I wish I didn't share everything with her- but honestly its nice to have my Mom to talk to. I told her about the fact that if this IUI works there is a very real chance of multiples. Its the first time I said those words out loud to anyone really.

The thought makes me hopeful - since I have always wanted a big family. My emotions range from excited and emotional about the thought --

But it also makes me worry- how would we afford that, our house is too small, what if there are complications.. so on a so forth..

My online blogging friend Heather and I have been talking a lot today about our two week waits- which coincide exactly. She sent me this bible verse this afternoon- she is also looking at a very real possibility of multiples this go around. Like me she says she just senses it could be the cycle and she feels multiples.
It’s a weird feeling- like its meant to be… I will be happy with whatever we are blessed with equally… just a hunch if you will..
(For the record I am not super-duper religious however I believe strongly in the power of prayer and that God is always listening. To further this record I often pray to my Grandma G and not to God because I believe he has a lot going on and she is my true angel)
"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11
Along those lines we also discussed how no matter what happens this cycle- blessed with pregnancy- or multiples- or another BFN- the Lord will help guide us and move us forward in the right direction. We will find a way -no matter what happens- to move forward. To continue to love one another and the life we share.. When the time is right our paths will be shown to us and only then will be truly understand the struggles we have faced so far..

I continue to feel extremely hopeful- almost giddy- about this cycle. I know there isn’t a "baby" or "babies" in there yet - but I've been talking to my belly today.. telling the little cells to multiply and implant and grow.

My heart is full of love and I want nothing more than to share it<3

Like the trusted and true Bible verse reads- Hope, Faith, and Love- but the greatest of these is LOVE.


  1. Once the initial "holy shit" wears off, a multiple pregnancy is great... especially if you've been struggling to get to this point. I often feel like the reason I'm having twins is because of what we dealt with during the struggle to get/stay pregnant. I feel as though God blessed us twice in that respect.

    Like I've told you, Ryder was a 19mm follicle 2 days before IUI, and Bryn was a 14.3mm follicle (that they weren't even sure released on the day of IUI) 2 days before IUI... and we didn't even see Bryn on the first ultrasound... so anything is possible - I have faith for you. :)

  2. You know how you said you just felt twins- I feel what you mean. The possibility of 3 scares me- but I'm sure no matter what we will find a way. I would also be happy with a singleton but I just kinda have a feeling if you will..

  3. I'm telling you - in fact, I may have texted you the day of my IUI (I remember texting Ryan and Jess saying about the follicles and saying "Twins?"), I always "knew" it was twins. Even when we only saw 1 at the first ultrasound, I KNEW it was twins. And, I always knew one of them was a boy... so there you go. Mother's/Women's Intuition starts very early. :)

  4. I do remember that. No boy or girl predictions yet - but I just feel like if it works its going to work 100% of the way..

  5. You'll feel it... it's amazing to me how intuitive women are. <3