Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You know what makes me crazy?

You know what drives me batshit bananas crazy?
Women who are pregnant and spend all their free time proclaiming to the world how ill they feel, how large they feel, how uncomfortable they are, how much pregnancy sucks.. etc etc etc.  
Listen- I’m not naive I am sure that there are parts of pregnancy that suck the big one. But, seriously complaining about it every six point six seconds is surely not going to change the fact that you don't feel well.

Posting it on social media is surely not going to do anything but garner sympathy. Which is exactly what you want if I had to guess.
What makes me beyond batshitcraycray?
People who struggled to get pregnant and then shout from the roof tops how sick they feel.

Sure I am positive that at some point when I get pregnant I am going to complain somewhere to someone about feeling ill.
But I promise you this - I will cherish every bout of morning sickness, every ache, pain, every ounce of weight I get to gain, anything I have to deal with I will deal with - and I will do it with one thought in mind- I am carrying a child and if being uncomfortable and puking for 40 weeks is what I need to overcome to welcome a child into this world so be it.
With all the heart ache and pain that others are dealing with in Oklahoma right at this moment in time I truly wish some people would step back, shut the eff up, and realize how blessed they truly are.
Hell even me- who is having a tough week and feeling stressed and unlucky  HORMONAL-- even I realize I am one of the lucky ones. I have so very little worries in this world today compared to those who don’t know where they will sleep tonight or worse- those who lost a child in this tragedy.
So I guess if I can leave you with one thing today it would be to cherish what you have. Even if you are struggling with something. Even if you are puking your guts up for 40 weeks and your ankels are swollen.Even if you are feeling unlucky- someone - somewhere is much much worse off.
All my prayers to Moore<3


  1. I feel the same way Kasey. I can not wait to have morning sickness and everything else that comes along with a healthy pregnancy. And while I'm sure there will be days I whine about it, I will be cherishing every single moment that baby is growing inside me. Some people just don't get it!

    1. And i agree, we all need to appreciate what we have. While I may not have the baby I want, I have a great husband and an amazing life. I try to focus on that when I get down about not having a baby yet. Sometimes it doesn't always work, but with the tragedy in OK, Boston, and other things going on in the world, I've been trying to focus on the good things in my life.

    2. I know what you mean Kristine. Sometimes - somedays- some moments I have a very hard tiem focussing on the good that I am blessed with and on being grateful- but tragedy has a way of brining me back down to earth to realize that so many more have it so much worse.

  2. You know I want to break out my bat for that person. LOL.

    The thing is, the IF struggle is THE WORST. It really is. But when you have really struggled, you appreciate things so much more. So, I am consistently shocked by people who did struggle or seek treatment and then complain about the side effects/symptoms of pregnancy. I've been very blessed to have a somewhat easy pregnancy, but even on the days where I thought "if this is what it's going to be like for 9 months, I can't do it", I would squash that voice and be thankful for the life growing inside of me. AND, also, pregnancy IS tough at times - but I think alot of it is mental. I knew going in that it wasn't going to be a cake walk and that there would be rough days, and guess what? I really don't think it's been that bad... I've felt blessed throughout.

    Some people need to have their social media taken away. ;)

  3. Den I pray some people have their social media taken away. I know I'm not gonna be thankful and all rainbows and butterflies every day but I will in no way shape or form complain every waking moment. I know it will happen and likely only once for us as well so ill cherish every single thing I can.