Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Clomid Cocktails

Anyone else start their day with a nice Clomid Cocktail?

Am I strange that I am hoping for some more side effects this go around?

Stop, stop.. don't throw things here is my reasoning-

In my head if I have some actual side effects -other then amplified hades hot flashes and moodiness which ccould have just been my normal PMS'y self- in my mind than maybe that means its actually working.

If its not effecting my body than Im convinced that its not working. I don't want to beat the Clomid horse to death -so to speak.

I plan on discussing this with my RE when I see her next.

Im a bit more hopeful today though. Im not going to say "this is the cycle" because that just sets me up for it not being the cycle and me feeling stabb-mc-stabby.

Rob and I talked about changing RE's last night to someone with a little more exprience. Someone at a larger hospital in a bigger town- but we are stuck on the convience of this RE being close to our jobs. You know with all the appointments and blood draws and ultrasounds and sudden changes of appoointments and what not that its very difficult to be far away from your RE. However we decided to try this cycle plus one more cycle (if needed) with this RE. After that if we still feel like something is missing we will be seeking a second opinion from a larger RE office.

Our current concerns are my continued low progesterone and it not being addressed. I had to bring it up with the RE --why am I bringing it up and not them? The possibility of not ovulating on Clomid- and if that happens again I do not want to continue to take Clomid and have the same results. My high testosteron and high DHEAs not coming down with the current treatment plan. And overall the fact that I'm sick of waiting and Rob is sick of waiting and we want to have the best treatment plan for us-- and if that means we need to advocate for us- for our future than so be it.


  1. I am keeping the faith for you Kasey. The Hibs works in the medical field. You absolutely have to be your own advocate! If you truely feel in your heart that your needs are not being addressed then do what you feel is right!

    That said, I have several friends, with similar prognosis, that have been successful with clomid. My bestie being one of them with a gorgeous set of 17 year old twin boys:-)

    1. Thanks Michelle:) I just love to know what's going wrong and fix it and if what we are doing isn't fixing it then what is the point in trying the same meds over and over. All of my doctors are very nice but I can't help but feel like I'm one of a gagillion people they see- and there is no personal aspect. I may not find that anywhere but we are so emotionally involved I'd like to feel like my doctors at least understand that.

  2. Hi Kasey! I'm stalking you from the WW boards :)
    I think it's so important to be your own advocate when it comes to this. If you feel like things aren't getting addressed, don't be scared to bring it up. and if you still feel like you aren't being heard, it might be best to look elsewhere for care, even if it's not quite as convenient. I know how hard that can make things, we live in the middle of no where, so will have to drive about an hour to the RE. It's unfortunate that you have to feel like you need to ask for your progesterone to be corrected. Just don't feel bad, or feel like you're being a pest by insisting that things get addressed. This is your life, and the life of your future baby, that they're dealing with, you have the right to ask for whatever you feel you need.
    Sorry, this got a little long winded. Just wanted to send you hugs and say hang in there!!

  3. Thanks Kristine- it's funny how we feel ba for asking for things but your right it is our bodies and we shouldn't feel that way. Thanks for being here for me!

  4. Kasey, now that you have some testing and a medicated cycle under your belt, you deserve to know answers and have the details of your care. By all means, advocate for yourself -- for me, doing so helped me feel more in control of what was happening. Knowledge is power. Upping the meds could be part of the answer, and progesterone supplementation could be as well. It is a shame that your RE was not more proactive in delivering test results, etc. At the end of each cycle with my center, I was able to have what I affectionately called a "WTF Meeting" with my RE where we discussed the changes we'd make to the upcoming cycle and what the next step may be if it still didn't work. I felt totally informed the whole time and it really did make me feel like progress was happening even if I didn't have the BFP I desperately wanted. I was treated in NJ -- you know where I am if you want a possible name for a second opinion. Hugs to you as you continue to walk this hard road.

  5. I want a WTF Meeting too! I think I am going to demand it! I will reach out to you. Regardless of what happens I feel like we should discuss what is happening with my body and what worked and didn't work. I will reach out to you for your RE's name. If they are feasible I would love to be somewhere where there is follow up. It just feels more complete to me- more together.

  6. You know how I feel about that RE's office - if you fit in the box, things are great... if not, it tends to be more difficult to deal with them. Insist on the day of IUI ultrasound and Endometrin at 1DPIUI. As you know, the progesterone is what made the world of difference for me... and I had to fight with them for it. Be an informed patient and your own advocate, like others have said. Also, I did my big WTF meeting with the head of the practice after 2 IUI with oral med cycles because I felt like I was "missing" a piece of the puzzle here. Demand the information, you/your insurance are paying for it. Also, ask for copies of your results and stuff. They charge $1 a page there, but it'll be worth it so you have it all to look at. Xo

  7. Oh, and re: the Clomid side effects. Minus some hot flashes and headaches, I didn't have many either and often wondered if that meant it wasn't working. You are making good follicles on the Clomid. :)