Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Praying for Holly

Holly and Darren at Oh Baby, Baby are 17 weeks pregnant with twins after her 3rd IVF attempt. Originally she was pregnant with triplets and lost one of the babies early on. Please lift Holly, Darren, Brinley and Jude up in prayer. Sometimes there really are no words to say to help comfort someone. 

Praying for a miracle and divine intervention. Praying for Holly and Darren's strength today and always. Praying that Brinley and Jude are born healthy into their families loving arms. 

If you pray too please hold them up in prayer. 


  1. I don't pray, but I do believe in positive thoughts and energy. I will think of them tonight. I just read Heidi's entry and.. It's just so horrible.

  2. I am sending them prayers in earnest, may the Lord watch over them and keep them in all they do and may the babies be born healthy and may peace fill the hearts of Holly and Darren as the struggle through loss and fear. In Jesus name!