Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We bought a new car.. and I didn't end up in jail..

Yesterday we spent the day getting a new vehicle. There isn't much more in the world I can say I truly detest besides car shopping. 

We went in knowing a few things-

1) We want better gas mileage because regardless of where DH gets a new job at his commute is going to be lengthy and gas prices suck. 

2) We chose VW because they were offering  a 0% interest deal that only lasts until August.. otherwise we can wait to find something else. 

3) We want to lower our car payments and by a significant amount. Under no circumstances will we be increasing our car payment.

4) We didn't have to make a decision today. Rob still doesn't have a new job anyway we are just thinking ahead.. no need to pull the trigger unless the deal is right.

5) DH had to be comfortable driving it... he is a bigger guy and if he is going to be driving far he needs to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

So DH had in his head he wanted the CC or the Passat. The CC because aesthetically it looks nicer than the Passat. At least according to him. To me they look exactly the same honestly.  

We test drove both and basically they are pretty much the same vehicle. The CC was a little rougher ride and a little less space. The Passat was a TDI - so it takes diesel and gets about 45 mpg. It also had a bit more space inside and in the trunk. 
What Rob's new car looks like

Naturally the car sales man asked if it was just Rob and I or if we had kids. I wanted so desperately to be able to say "were expecting" or "we have kids".. but we're not and we don't. I couldn't answer. I turned to Rob who fielded the question with a simple no and a knowing glance at me.

That does not mean in the slightest that while I was looking at the vehicles thoughts like- would car seats fit well in here or can I put a stroller in the trunk were not fluttering through my mind.. 

Because the answer is car seats will fit and strollers - plural- will fit. 

And someday - come hell or high water they will be present.

I digress.... We went around 11am so naturally I had not eaten lunch yet. If I don't eat I become HANGRY

So here we are around 2pm and here I am becoming increasingly angry/frustrated and hungry. Read about to explode if they don't get this over with soon. 

The entire reason why we went with this deal today was because of the 0% interest offered so imagine my frustration when the final contract comes back and has 2.77%  interest.

I lost my shit. Seriously lost it. 

We had them rip of the paper work in front of us and I stormed out. DH was a little more rational and talked to them for a bit while I waited outside. It was decided that we would be back around 5pm and they would make 0% happen for us. 

I truly felt like they were trying to sneak that 2.77% in there. I hate shady-sneakiness. Shoot it to me straight. If you can't make the deal- then don't make the deal, but do not try to sneak it in. 

I told DH I had no desire to go back and deal with these people, but ultimately he would be driving this vehicle and so the choice was up to him.

First and foremost I was eating my freaking lunch and not dealing with cars, car sales men, or extreme shadiness until I was fed and calmed down. 

DH decided to go to the gym and we would figure out what to do afterwards. 

He came home from the gym and decided he really did like the car and wanted to make the deal. I warned him that if this sleazeball tried to be shady, sneaky or lie one more time I would go bananas. 

Seriously BANANAS.

We ended up with an awesome deal. The guy apologized and DH did tell him we thought he was being sneaky.. he basically admitted he was. 

I would NEVER ever recommend anyone go buy a car from these clowns. I get that its their job to make the sale, but there is no need to be shady about it. 

Ultimately we will be saving about $400 per month...between decreased car payment, increased gas mileage and decreased insurance costs. 

We traded in my Ford Edge- which I loved by the way and I am now driving DH's Ford Explorer. It just made more sense to trade in the Edge and keep the Explorer. Its a family car for sure- and hopefully I get to fill it with my family soon. 

I was worried I wouldn't love the Explorer like I loved the Edge, but all it took was one ride into work for me to change my mind. I really do the love the Explorer. 

What my new Explorer looks like..
I'm glad DH's calm head prevailed because had it been up to me I would have never returned to that place.. and no doubt I would have paid more money just because I did not want to deal with that dealership.

After this experience I think I'm going to keep the Explorer until the wheels literally are falling off. I don't want to go back to car shopping for a long, long, long time..


  1. I LOVE the VWs with TDI. My mom has a Jetta wagon and it gets such great mileage, as well as being fun to drive and comfortable. She also got the giant moon roof, which is just so fun. But yeah, SO many dealerships give you the runaround. I bought a new car last year and a dealership told me they had the one I wanted and I could come back the next day for it, so I sold my car and then they didn't have the new one. I waited three more days and then went to a different dealership. I think I ended up visiting four? I refused to give my money to someone rude and underhanded. My dad sells cars (used) and he's honest as a judge so he helped me find someone reputable and reminded me that I didn't need them, and could walk away when I wanted. It was still harrowing and next time we need to upgrade cars, I'm staying out of it! I'll test drive and then leave the negotiating up to him.

    1. They really do give you the run around. I had zero desire to give this tool our money, but it was a great deal and at least its over with now. Like I said its going to be a long while before we need a new car and the wheels are gonna need to be falling off before I go through this again.

  2. Awesome title to this entry! I am glad you did not end up in jail. (Would they let you have a computer to update your blog if you did?) Seriously though that sounds like a crazy stressful day and I'm glad that you and your hubby survived it and ended up with the car and the deal you wanted. That's awful that the salesman tried to sneak in the 2.77%. Can you say sleazy. Good call on finding it and for making him admit it and change it - hopefully he learns from that experience although you wonder.

    We have a Volkswagon too (Jetta) for 2 years now. Knowing nothing about cars I have no idea what the difference is between that one and the one you bought, but we are happy with ours so far. We are making do as a "one car family" until kids arrive (I walk and do transit during the week) but when there is a baby on the way we will buy a second car. (I refuse to be the woman taking a baby carriage on the bus...I have my limits). If we can afford it after fertility treatments.

    1. Super sleazy! I don't think a jury would have convicted me either way lol. I think the Jetta is a little bit smaller, but not by much. I contemplated being a one car family until Rob goes back to work, but I feel like where we live I just need to have the freedom of one car for each of us. Its not safe to walk and there really are no bus stops anywhere near by.

      ))))costly fertility treatments((( they should be free in my opinion!

  3. We do not have VW, but I would love to own one someday.

    I am hopeful that for all the awful experience that you had, the money saved will tide you over it in the long run.

    I can't find an e-mail address to the comment you left, so I just wanted to tell you that the date anxiety has got nothing to do with ttc relics. Those three dates correspond to the three days of my first baby's life. This consciousness of the dates every month stems from it.

    1. I haven't drove it yet but so far I like it and DH likes it!

      I'm sorry to hear that. My prayers to you. I get anxiety around the same time every month with TTC but that's nothing compared to the feeling of losing someone you loved. I'm so sorry.

  4. weird coincidence - we bought a new car yesterday too! Sorry that you had to deal with that shadiness! at least (?!?) he basically admitted he was being shady! I hate car shopping probably as much as you do, so B did it with his dad (who loves negotiating!) while I was at work and when I came home the new (to us) car was in the driveway! yey!

    this reminds me of when we bought my car 2+ years ago - we were just about to starting trying and discussed how well a car seat would fit in the back seat and the fact that if we had 3 kids we would need a bigger car. unbelievable how naive I was! I wish I could be that girl again!

    congrats on the new car and hoping you fill them with a family soon!

  5. Thanks! Me too :)

    Next new car Im sending DH for it and staying at the bar lol! What kind of car did you end up with?

  6. Sorry you had to go through such inconvenience while looking for a new car. I hope you change your mind regarding this matter, since there are still a lot of trusted and reputable companies out there that would give you a top-quality car at a reasonable price.

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  7. Ava’s right. I think you just have to move around more to see what you’re looking for. The search may be long and frustrating, but when you find the one that you’re looking for, it would definitely be worth all the pain.