Sunday, July 21, 2013

Snapshot Sunday- the Story of Us!

Since today kicks off the commenting for IComLeaveWe I thought I would share our story. On Sunday's I like to share random photo's so today I chose an assortment of us.
Rob and I both work in EMS. We met while working for the same company. He was a Paramedic and I was an EMT at the time. We really didn't know all that much about one another, but our circle of friends often found us together.
We attended a pre-St Patty's day work function. During which Rob and I were seated near one another and a conversation about Rob trying to find a nice girl was brought up. A mutual friend tossed my name out there and I laughed and told him I was just trying to find a nice guy too.
I had been out of a tumultuous long term relationship for a few years at that point. I spent those years leading up to meeting Rob dating around and finding out who I really was. During my long term relationship, which was in my early teens, I never really developed my own identity or independence. When I got out I spent a lot of time searching for who I really was.
I didn't really think too much of it at the time, but I was finally ready for another long term relationship for the first time in a long time.. and for the first time ever I was going into a relationship with my own identity. I had regained my trust and I was unknowingly ready for the future.
Rob and I spent most of that night at the party together. We exchanged numbers and talked about the up coming St Patty's celebrations that were going to take place. I told him that I didn't plan on attending because I wouldn't drive into the City on St Patty's. That's when he mentioned his room mate was out of town and I could spend the night at his house.. in her room of course.
St Patty's Day 2007
All it took was me saying yes for my phone to start ringing off the hook. Everyone that knew us both was calling us asking what was going on. I liked this guy, yes. He made me laugh and he was handsome.. .but I really didn't know him. I didn't know what was going on. I was just living life and enjoying being single and in my twenty's.
Little did I know I wasn't going to ever date any else again after that night. Rob was all I needed or wanted for the rest of my life. We went to that St Patty's party together and that was all she wrote.
We both shared a love of sports. We both loved to laugh and giggle but we also knew when to be serious. I fell hard and fast. Rob never was in a long term relationship before. I knew from the beginning that he had never told anyone that he loved them before. I knew that was going to be a big step for him.
The first year of our relationship was amazingly hard on us. Rob became a supervisor for our company and rules were put in place that even though we were dating we were not allowed to work the same shifts. We both worked night shift at the time and what that translated to was us rarely having nights off together. To make matters worse after a few month of this they said that one of us had to switch to day shift. It was hard because we both loved nights. At the time I loved my partner and I couldn't picture myself on days and so Rob bit the bullet and went to days. Thankfully we did have more time off together, but we were now on completely different schedules.
Looking back I am amazed that we made it through that first year. Maybe it was the lack of time to see each other or the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
During that first year my Grandfather died and then my Grandmother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. My Grandparents taught me so much about love. My Grandma said something to me during that time that has stuck with me forever- "If your not happy then just move along don't stick around for the happiness to come."
So I did stick around, because Rob did make me happy even if our time together was not often. When he took me to meet his sister in Arizona as we were approaching our first year together I knew that even though he hadn't told me yet- that he loved me.
It took Rob just over a year to tell me he loved me, and that was via text. I know most women would have ran for the hills, but I stuck it out. I knew how he felt even if he had a hard time saying it.
During that second year my Grandmother lost her fight with lung cancer and died. On her death bed some of her last words of advise to me were that when I get pregnant to wear compression stockings so I don't get varicose veins like her. It was so her to worry about me and my future even as her life was ending. It was in her death that I started to really think about being a mother. It was her advise that made me realize that Rob was the person I wanted to have a family with.
Rob and I spent our first few years together traveling and enjoying life. Its something we plan to carry on and its something we want to do with our kids. We share a love of Walt Disney World and there is nothing we want more than to bring our kids some day.

Walt Disney World- Magic Kingdom

After 3 years together Rob proposed. We were traveling and in Las Vegas surrounded by some of our closest friends. A year after that we were married in our dream wedding on the beach on a beautiful May day.

You know something- I wouldn’t change a thing. All the trials and tribulations made us stronger. All the time we spent just being together, traveling and enjoying life are memories I will cherish for our lifetime together.
Since a few months after our wedding we have been trying to have a baby. We thought we would be parents by now, but God has another plan.
Life hasn't always been easy for us. I know that we will continue to have peaks and valleys and there will always be good times and bad.
Tree I planted in our name in Mexico-it was planted in memory of the past and in hopes of the future
What I know without a doubt is that Rob is my best friend and no matter what is ahead of us we can tackle it together.

Im not a Yankee's fan by the way... but DH surely is


  1. You guys are adorable :) I love that your story is one of patience and perseverance. It speaks well of you both, and sounds like it gives you something to draw on during your IF struggles. Things are always more bearable with a good partner, and I'm glad you have yours.

    Oh, and... Go Yankees!

    1. I completely agree! Robs my perfect puzzle peice:)

      And I love that you wrote Go Yankees :)

  2. You are a cute couple and yes, life isn't always easy but you've got yourself a great life partner to experience all these ups and downs with. And thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words earlier this week. They meant a lot to me.

    1. Anytime :) and it makes it easier to go thru life with your best friend.. Even when life is hard.

  3. very sweet!! cute couple! Glad you have such an amazing husband!

  4. Very sweet. I am married to a Yankees fan too. I am not a fan. But that's ok, I won't hold it against him. ;) enjoying following your journey!
    Here from ICLW!

    1. Yankees fans aren't all bad lol :) thanks for stopping by!

  5. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts! Glad to know you're not a Yankees fan! Go Red Sox! :)

    1. Ohh no a Sox fan lol. After living with a Yankee fan for so long it's like I have to not like the Sox haha.

      I do love me some Fenway! One of the best parks going!

  6. Found your blog through ICLW. Yay for having a partner that your best friend on this very difficult journey.

    1. Im not sure if I could make it through this journey without him! Heading over to read your blog now- I also dream of dimples on a regular basis :)

  7. Here from ICLW... Loved this catch up post of your relationship. Finding a stronger relationship with someone in hard times is the key to a happy future. I think you have that and more.

    I'm a Dodgers, Clippers, Packers, and Kings fan by marriage. Think I covered all his sports. ;)

    All the best to you in your journey!

  8. Hello from ICLW!
    What a great story. You are such a patient girl! A year? You are so right, most of us would be running:) Glad you stuck it through to have a friend and support through this journey.

    1. A year indeed! Im so glad I stuck it out- he was worth it!