Friday, July 26, 2013

Raising My Voice and Renewing My Faith

Just a little post about the big issues that infertiles are dealing with on a daily basis...
I have recently read so many blogs here recently tell their story's about their financial struggles and/or their inability to fit their treatment into their work schedule.
I truly am so blessed to have so much coverage- to name a few things that I have covered with only a co pay to submit-
- All diagnostic testing for infertility
-IUI's under no limit
-Donor insemination under no limit
-Fertility medications
-IVF, GIFT, and ZIFT procedures
-IVF 4 retrievals per lifetime
- Donor Eggs
Like I said I truly am blessed. I think everyone's insurance should hold some all of these very same benefits- and then some. I strongly believe that it is beyond not fair that insurance will cover birth control, but not cover infertility treatments. I really hope that in my lifetime I see a change in this coverage and anyone can have the treatment they need, without the financial constraints that many of you face daily.
I also am beyond blessed to have an understanding boss. I think that her being a woman helps- not that all men don't understand- but a woman truly does understand the cycle and that there are specific needs for me being at the doctors office at specifics dates and times.
Pammy J if you happen to stumble upon this I really do know how lucky I am and I can never thank you enough for your understanding.
You see Pammy J will come in early to cover me herself if I need the coverage to go to an appointment. She will help me figure out a schedule. Assist me in finding my days off and most of all offer a shoulder if I seem to be off mentally.
I really am blessed. I know that this baby that we are trying so hard to have is truly going to be so very blessed as well.
I wish you all were granted the time off from work when you need it to go to the appointments you need to as well. My heart aches when I see posts about financial hardship and time off issues compounded with your personal infertility issues.
Isn't it unjust enough that we don't get to have baby's the old fashioned way? Why do we have to deal with the injustices of finances and schedules to add to it?
I think that part of the reason I am on this journey is to help make a change. Whether is just be locally- to raise a voice that infertility is far more common than most people can imagine- or globally if my voice can reach out... combined though all our voices will make a difference.
I hope that if my children happen to suffer from infertility that their journey's are easier. That their desire to have a child doesn't have to be compounded with hardships that are out of their control.
I saw this quote on a beautiful guest post by Caroline at Team Harries Beats Infertility -
"Rather than ignoring or punishing us, God is allowing our experiences to mold us in anticipation of the blessing He has planned. That gift is coming" – Susan Radulovacki
Along those lines I think that he is also using these experiences to help us make a change. There has to be a bigger reason for all of this. I think part of my reason is to help raise awareness.
I also think that this journey has helped me renew my faith. I’m not the most religious person- in that I don't attend church every Sunday and some days I have a mouth of a truck driver. But, I do have my faith. I believe and I trust in God always. I have seen prayer work and I pray daily.
I think sometimes we forget about our faith when we feel like were getting beaten down. Sometimes we lose sight of what really matters and what the bigger picture is. Or we renew our faith... we become stronger in our trust in God due to our struggles.
I think I have found some of what my bigger picture is- a voice to raise awareness and a renewed faith and trust in God.


  1. I love love love this post! Amen all over it!! Thanks for the shoutout! So glad your faith is being renewed and you realize there is a bigger purpose in it all. This is awesome! And yes, you and your future babies are blessed :)

    1. Aww thank you :) And thank you for sharing the Sarah story- Im obsessed with it, I must have read it 20 times!

  2. Thank you for your courage and advocacy. :-) In my province (Alberta, Canada) there is currently a petition to get IF treatments covered by our provincial plan. One in Six couples is affected by infertility. My work plan covers "prescription drugs for the treatment of infertility" so it looks like we won't be entirely left to hang, although (and I am grateful for this too) even if we had to pay ourselves for all treatments we would be able to do so without immediate hardship (at least for the first few treatments.) Yet another reason I'm glad we didn't overspend on our house/wedding/ etc.

    I try to tell myself not to worry about how IF will affect my work/career, but my work is important to me, as I take my responsibility to my students, their families and my colleagues very seriously. And I enjoy it a lot (most days). So the truth is I do worry, even when I remind myself that starting a family is very, very important to me and I owe it to myself and future family to put that first sometimes.

    I have yet to get "in the trenches" of treatments, so I'm not sure how all that will play out. I DO have a very supportive team at work, so I think it will be OK. My team is a big reason why I've decided to stick with my job for at least another year and not go looking for another. IF affects so many aspects of life.

    1. So glad you will be able to afford your treatments.. It's the worst when you can't even try to have a family because of financial roadblocks.

      Treatments can we time consuming. I'm at the doctors often, but I also notice each RE is different with how often they see you. Glad you have supportive coworkers as well. I'm forever grateful for mine :)

  3. I LOVE this post. I too have been thinking about how I can advocate for everything I've been through. I've been investigating starting a non-profit. While my intent is to gear it toward others who have experienced 2nd trimester loss I know that infertility has to be a part of it's been to large a part of my life to ignore it.

    1. Whether its loss or IF I think we will always love with it. Having a baby won't take the struggle of a loss or IF away at all- it will always be a part of us.

      Let me know if you start a non profit I would love to support it :)

  4. Great post! I too feel a calling to raise awareness. Just sharing your story makes a big difference! Good for you!!
    That is awesome about your insurance coverage and ability to take time off of work. I agree, it should be like that for everyone! Infertility is hard enough, without having to worry about the other strains.

    1. It definitely is hard enough without trying to figure out what or when you can afford to try to start a family- especially because there are no guarentees that what we pay for is going to even work. I'm forever thankful for my insurance and my coworkers.

  5. That is some good insurance! I have good insurance too but it doesn't cover donor sperm or eggs. That's amazing! God is certainly watching out for you!

    1. It definitely is! And I had no idea until they sent me a print out.. its amazing what we're oblivious too until we need to know it..

  6. So glad you have such good insurance...

  7. I am new to your blog. You are very lucky with your coverage! Our IVF was covered in 2010 but then we moved and now are paying for the frozen embryo transfers (3 failed so far and planning for 4th in a month) and it is beyond expensive! I wish you lots of luck!

    1. Welcome! Sending some prayers to you! I can't even began to imagine the financial strain on top of the emotional.