Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Follicles are JUST Like a Fine Wine.

I started my day by reading Text From Dog.

If you are not familiar- please take a moment and read them all. THEM ALL.


Here. Here is a tissue cause I know you are laughing and there are tears coming from your eyes. Happy happy happy tears. Cause that Dog is a funny guy.

He set my mood for the day. Who doesn’t like to start their day with belly laughs? Especially prior to going to a RE appointment. Especially caused by some fictional dog and his owner?

After reading Text From Dog I headed in for my u/s and blood work appt today and I have decided that my follicles are very comparable to fine wine.

-Francis Coppola’s Reserve Pinot Noir – if your buying/wondering :)
Fine wine takes a longer time to come to be. Many people like to skip the lengthy process of making fine wines instead making cheapy knock offs. The reason really is profitability. The shorter amount of time to make a product the quicker the turn over. More money. Who doesn’t want more profit.
Who doesn’t want bigger, more mature, juicier follicles?
Who doesn’t want them as fast a possible?

Sign me up folks. Id love juicier follicles- faster. Or at the very least at a normal rate of speed.

Well my little follicles are maturing just like a fine wine. Taking their good ol’ sweet time and as long as my body doesn't ovulate them prior to them maturing fully then we still have a shot at this cycle.

There is still hope.

Still a shot.

Still a maybe.
Since Monday I have been upped to 225 IU Menopur- which I will continue until IUI or IUI cancellation. On Monday all of my follicles were 10mm and under- no/nada/zilch in the growth department- today I have an 11mm follicle on the Right along with (2) 9mm follicles and lingering cyst which has gotten somewhat smaller at 11mm. On my Left ovary I have a 9mm follicle. My lining has gone down, but is still acceptable at 8mm.

What does all that mumbo-jumbo mean? Some growth. Albeit minimal.

But as long as there is a shot.... As long as there is some growth I am holding onto hope.

What does all this mean?
It means my follies really are taking their damn time growing this cycle and its not very promising, but there is still a shot that they can grow and mature as long as my body doesn't ovulate them on their own.
If we can get at least one follicle to at least 16mm they won't cancel the IUI.

All and all its a waiting and praying game now.
I go back for another u/s and more bloodwork on Saturday. Until I am told that this cycle is over- I will continue to move forward daily with hope that there is still a chance.
Speaking of Saturday—it really is going to be a day. I have to go to the office which is about an hour further away since its the weekend. I have a 07:15 appt time and then I need to come home and go to my cousins’ wedding.
Funny (ish) story about this wedding to spread some happy lovey dovey thoughts.
My one cousin -JA is kinda/sorta marrying my other cousin -LC- not in a back woods incestuous kinda way- but in a JA is my cousin, but LC is my cousin on the other side of my family's cousin. We all grew up together since we are all the same age and when I was little I really didn't understand the entire "she's your cousin but her cousins on the other side of her family are not your cousin's non sense" - so on Saturday my one cousin is marrying my other "cousin."
Ta-dah. Love stories folks :) cousins marrying cousins and fine wine xoxo

And if that’s all too much to follow –which I completely understand- head to Text From Dog.


  1. I've seen some of those and they're hilarious!! My husband and I always laugh at that photo of the dog with the phone, and it says "YES. THIS IS DOG." Cracks us up every time. It's the little things!

    As for those follies, well. Growth is growth! Here's hoping you have some nice juicy plump follies soon :)

    1. I love that Dog. I laughed and laughed at work yesterday. Thanks for hoping for me~ I keep hoping that things work out!

  2. Now you have the song Cousins from Vampire Weekend going through my head. lol Thinking positive for you!!

    1. Lol thanks for the positive thoughts Patti!

  3. Good luck tomorrow Kasey! I'm going back tomorrow for an u/s also. Yesterday's showed minimal growth, I have 10 that they're watching but none that are really taking the lead. They're a little concerned that they'll all mature (i'd love twins, but am not taking the risk with 10 mature follicles!!), but also concerned that none will get there. Hopefully tomorrow brings good news for us both!! Sending lots of prayers and positive vibes your way :)

    1. Hope the perfect amount of follicles grow for you Kristine! Thinking of you!!

  4. Haha, that Dog thing was funny :D

    I totally have relatives like that, too - so I followed that very easily :)

    1. LOL Glad I am not the only one that laughs at that silly dog!

      And Im glad I am not the only one with crazy family lol

  5. Checking out text from dog right now... hilarious!

    Good luck today... hoping they find some of those big juicy follicles!

    From ICLW...

    1. Aren't they great :) Got a great update today :)

  6. Thanks for sharing Text from Dog - so funny!

    I really hope those follies are just late bloomers, and come through for your IUI. Sending you best of luck! Happy ICLW!

    1. Text from Dog is so good :) They deff were late bloomers!