Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo- The Middle

I had a write fest today. I wrote just shy of 8,000 words. I have yet to go back and make sure it is all coherent since I was writing at work and had to take breaks to do things like talk to doctors and the such. The beginning of my story which I shared previously is written from Olivia's viewpoint. Each chapter a different person from the story takes over and tells a peice from their point of view. Its fun jumping into each character and taking off. I like to try to feel their emotions and really feel the story. I hope you all can feel it too. This part is written from Eric's point of view. I'm not sure if I will share another part of the story, because whats the point in spoiling the end? 

I think the next time I share it will be the story in its entirity. Let me know what you think. I really had a great time taking off with the story today- hope you can feel that when you read it. Ps I haven't proof read any of this cause I've been writing all day..

“You know in my defense we were young when we got married.” The grandkids were giving me a look like I never took care of my wife. “We dated I would take you to the horse farm and we would go on a rides through the trails. Doesn’t that count for dates?”  I was feeling defensive for no reason. Here we are sitting together around the campfire all these years later. There was no reason to still feel defensive all these years later, but I still felt bad. I think a part of me always would.
“Let’s talk about the date shall we...” Livy was smiling. She already knew how the first date with her husband ended up. I’m sure she was already thinking back to it replaying it over in her mind before we even reached this part in our story.
When I pulled up to the house that night Alexa was standing at the front door like the gate keeper. I was prepared though. I felt like I may have over done it by including a tie in my wardrobe, but Liv deserved the best. She deserved the ultimate princess treatment.
“Eric, don’t you look fancy.” Lexa walked up to me and stuck her head in the vase of calla lilies I was holding inhaling deep. “You better take care of her!” Lexa was swinging her finger at me.
“Lexa I know how to take care of my wife.” I left out the part about how I may have forgotten to do that for a few years, but I was going to take care of my wife. We were going to make this thing work.
“You’ve had a funny way of taking care of her for the last few years you know.” Wow a low blow from my own blood. “Figure it out and make it right Eric!”
With that she jumped into her car and disappeared down the drive way. I watched as she pulled away stunned that she took such a low blow. She wasn’t normally one for low blows or getting straight to the point with me.
I walked up the front steps and inhaled deeply as I exhaled I didn’t know what to do. Should I just walk in? Was it best to knock on the door? I was picking up my wife for a date. This wasn’t your usual set of circumstances at all. I was pretty sure “Dating for Dummies” didn’t have a chapter for dating your own wife. I went with knocking first, but I didn’t even know how to do that. I knocked twice tentatively and then realized as I saw my own hands shaking in front of me just how nervous I really was. It sort of hit me like a ton of bricks that this was my chance to have my wife back. This was my chance to come home again. I realized I never wanted to be standing on this door step questioning if I should knock or just walk in. I never wanted to feel like this again. The only thing I wanted to feel was in love with my wife. I wanted our happily ever after and I never wanted anything to come between us again. I was so lost in my thoughts that when Liv opened the door I was still inside my own head.
As I cleared all the thoughts about making our relationship right again I was left stunned. Olivia stood in front of me wearing a tight red dress that clung perfectly to her hips and accentuated her breasts spilling the perfect amount of cleavage forward. She even wore matching red lip stick and her curls hung loosely around her face. She blushed deeply as I stared at her. I wanted to say something, anything, but my mouth went completely dry. There really were no words to describe just how beautiful she was standing there before me.
“I knew it I over did it didn’t I?  Lexa was the one who convinced me to get all dressed up, but this is just too much. I’ll go up and changed.” She started away from the door and I reached for her grabbing at her arm and pulling her back towards me. There was no way I was going to let her walk away from me and change into anything else. She looked stunning. I had never seen her dressed up like this before. The only other time she ever really wore a dress was our wedding day, and it looked nothing like this.
“Olivia…” She turned around and looked into my eyes. I held her gaze for a long moment taking another chance to look at every single beautiful detail of my wife. Her eyes were welling with tears. She was just as nervous as I was and here I was standing there with no words coming out of my mouth “Olivia don’t you dare change. You look breathtaking.”
“I didn’t over do it? This isn’t too much? I didn’t know what you had planned and I let Alexa dress me. I won’t be offended I can change. I will be fast.”
She still wasn’t convinced. “I don’t know exactly how to tell you that you take my breath away Olivia.” I pulled her close to me so that our bodies were almost touching. I wanted nothing more than to kiss her, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop and we would never make it to dinner. “The only reason I would want you to change is so that no one else would be as lucky as I am to see you in this dress.”
She didn’t give me a chance to say anything else. Before I knew it Liv was kissing my roughly and deeply crushing her lips against mine. I could feel the heat of her body despite the open door behind us letting the fall air in. She continued to kiss me deeper and with a neediness that I had never felt from her before and I couldn’t help but to think back to our very first kiss.
As I continued to kiss her I did so remembering that day when I first mustered up the never to kiss her, but as usual Olivia had other plans. She always had other plans. It is part of the reason that I love her so deeply. She always was able to keep me guessing. I remember that day so many years ago when I picked flowers for her then just as I did tonight and planned on giving her the flowers and kissing her under the stars. Olivia changed those plans though and that day, much like today, she pulled me in close and kissed me. Our first kiss wasn’t awkward like most teenagers. We had long studied one another’s lips. Our first kiss was perfect, because Olivia made it perfect.
It was perfect now too even though I hadn’t planned to start our date like this. As she pulled back I struggled to catch my breath and think of what to say next. I stalled by handing her the vase of flowers that I brought her and shutting the front door behind me. They were calla lilies and she took them and walked shakily into the kitchen to place them on the counter. I watched as she walked away and knew that she didn’t want to stop kissing me either. I followed her into the kitchen and stood directly behind her at the counter. In her heels she was almost the same height as me.
I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I wanted to take my wife to dinner. I wanted to take my wife on a date, but after she greeted me with a kiss like that I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it to dinner with out having more of her. I pressed myself directly behind her nuzzling her neck. I could feel her every curve push back against me. I could feel her blood racing through her and the heat that radiated off of her. Her breath picked up and she turned facing me and slowly wiped the red lipstick off of my lips with her thumb.
“Don’t bother.” I spoke so quietly I wasn’t sure if she actually heard me. It was her actions that made me know that she was full aware of what was coming next. Her hand moved from my lips to my tie and she loosened it ever so slowly and let it fall to the ground.
“I felt like I had over dressed anyway.” I breathed into her neck as I started trailing kisses from her neck to her cheeks coming ever so close to her lips but skipping them and continuing my trail of kisses on her other cheek and down her neck. I kissed along her shoulder and down across her collar bone, moving down to the top of her cleavage and then back up her other collar bone to her bare shoulder. My throat was so dry I stopped and gulped inhaling deeply and looked directly into her eyes.
“You are killing me you know...”


  1. I should be writing mine, but of course I had to read yours. 8,000! Way to go! Love this excerpt. I love the idea of getting all the different POVs. Makes me want to read more!

    1. I knew I had to get ahead some because I am going away this weekend and will do exactly zero words lol.

  2. If there was a way to leave a wolf whistle in a note, I'd do it! You definitely sound like you're having fun with this :)

    1. Lol thanks Anne I really am its a great distraction